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Our committed service provides you with the flexibility and stability to grow your business and projects in ways you never realized possible.

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We work with you to design a service that meets your needs. Is there a specific greeting that our operators should use? Do you have established protocols that you would like our agents to follow?

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How it works

Our simple 4-step Onboarding process

Initial Contact and Assessment
  • Reach out to potential locksmith clients via email, phone, or in-person meetings to introduce your call center services.
  • Conduct a thorough needs assessment to understand the client’s call volume, specific services they provide, and any special requirements they may have.
  • Present a tailored proposal outlining how your call center can address their needs and benefit their business.
Contract and Service Agreement
  • Draft a detailed contract outlining the terms and conditions of the partnership, including service scope, pricing, and duration.
  • Schedule a meeting with the client to review the contract, address any questions or concerns, and finalize the agreement.
  • Obtain signatures from both parties and initiate the onboarding process.
Information Gathering and Integration
  • Collect all necessary information about the client’s business, such as their service offerings, pricing structure, coverage area, and preferred protocols for handling different types of calls.
  • Integrate the client’s information into your call center’s systems, including CRM, call routing, and any other relevant software.
  • Create a customized script for call center agents to use when handling calls for the client, ensuring it aligns with the client’s brand and communication style.
Training and Quality Assurance
  • Conduct specialized training sessions for call center agents, focusing on the client’s specific services, protocols, and expectations.
  • Assign a dedicated account manager to oversee the client’s account and serve as their main point of contact.
  • Implement a quality assurance process to regularly monitor and review call interactions, ensuring agents are meeting the client’s expectations and maintaining a high level of service.
  • Schedule regular check-ins with the client to address any concerns, share performance reports, and discuss potential improvements to the partnership.

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Customer reviews

What our customers are saying

I couldn’t be happier with the services provided by 007dispatch! Their professional call center agents are always polite and knowledgeable, ensuring our customers receive top-notch assistance. Our business has seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction since partnering with them. Highly recommended for any locksmith company!

Jose Fuller

Locksmith Client

007dispatch has been a game-changer for our online store. Their exceptional call center service has drastically reduced our response times and improved our customer experience. Their team is always ready to help, making our customers feel valued and well-taken care of. We couldn’t ask for a better partner!

Barbara Elliot

eCom Client

Our home services company has seen significant growth thanks to 007dispatch. Their call center agents are always quick to respond and have expert knowledge of our services, ensuring our clients receive accurate information and prompt assistance. Partnering with 007dispatch has truly been a great decision for our business.

Marie Stewart

Home Services Client

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Frequently Asked Questions

A call center answers your customer calls for you and forwards you the necessary information. You need a call center if the task of answering the phone is interrupting your daily operations. you do not have a dedicated staff member for this job and you don’t want to hire one. Generally, call centers like ours offer industry-specific services. With our operators answering your calls, you can concentrate on more important tasks.

We offer our services to a wide variety of businesses: locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, appliance repair shops, auto services, event planners, handymen and so on. To find out if we can handle your calls, contact us or see the full list of the businesses we manage. Even if you don’t see your field in our list, don’t worry! We have a huge experience in handling many types of small businesses and we always strive to evolve and branch out. Give us a call and we will start planning today!

Yes, of course! At 007Dispatch, we assign you a dedicated team, trained to know ins and outs of your field. They will be familiar with the latest tendencies of the markets and the needs of your business. While planning our partnership, we will make sure to gather all relevant information and do thorough research, to ensure the best quality of service for your customers.

When we answer your customer call, our operators gather all relevant information from your client: the problem, the location, the name and the contact information of the client and and we will forward it all to you. – Or send it directly to your field technician on your demand.

No, you don’t have to change your number. We will assign you a phone number that you can reroute all your calls to. Contact us to learn more.

We are prepared to answer the calls in any situation: our office is equipped with internet backups of all top internet providers and 2 professional generators that can operate our office for hours with no electricity.

We offer different packages. We’d recommend the charge-per-call option if you have a smaller number of incoming calls. We can also offer a dedicated team with an hourly rate. Contact us to learn more.

No, you don’t have to purchase anything. Just kick back and relax, we will take care of it all!

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